Our History

In the 1920s, monks of Muensterschwarzach Abbey were sent to the United States in the hope that financial support for the community in Germany and its missionaries could be obtained through the generosity of relatives and friends who had settled in the New World. Later, the focus shifted to include the needs of the entire Missionary Benedictine Congregation of St. Ottilien and its missionaries in Africa and Asia. With a hostile government in place in Germany that undermined the outreach and teachings of the Church, financial support from the home country of our confreres was almost impossible. 

Bros Felix, Placidus, EgbertThe pioneer monks of the future Christ the King Priory worked tirelessly out of a Catholic Hospital in New York City. The efforts of Brothers Placidus Husslein, Felix Meckel, and Egbert Backer were not in vain. Searching for a permanent home in the United States was on the list of priorities. Through the contacts of Bro. Felix, the community was invited by Bishop Joseph Rummel of Omaha to settle in his diocese in an vacant convent in Schuyler. The Brothers, together with Fr. Hadelin Mueller, took up residence in early 1935.

The house in Schuyler developed to a full fledged mission procure. The success of its fundraising efforts can be ascribed to the personal contacts of the Brothers who travelled around the country, visiting old friends and supporters and always adding new friends to the mailing list. At least five monks were on the road for several 2 confreres and carmonths at a time, while the confreres at home took care of correspondence. The priest monks assigned to the Benedictine Mission House, as the mission procure was known, also took on pastoral assignments, using such opportunities to promote the work of our missionaries, inviting people to become partners in the ministry of evangelization and outreach.

In 1979, the community relocated to a new monastery and mission office five miles north of town, overlooking the Platte River Valley.  

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of arrival of the first monks in Schuyler, the Mission House was raised to the status of Simple Priory under the Abbey of Muensterschwarzach and the title of Christ the King Priory.

Throughout its history, the community – through the generosity of its benefactors and friends – has contributed to the development of the Church in Africa and Asia. In 1997, a retreat and conference facility, Saint Benedict Center, was opened as an new ministry for the monks, welcoming groups and private guests from various Christian denominations. St. Benedict Center is considered by many friends as an oasis of peace.

confreres- felix placidus egbert- with globeSchuyler is where ??With the increase of the Hispanic population in Northeast Nebraska the need of outreach to the new immigrants arose, especially with assistance in visa and/or permanent residency issues. It was in 2006 that the Hispanic ministry office El Puente (The Bridge) was opened, continuing the assistance that Fr. Paul Kasun provided as a diocesan priest of a nearby parish before joining the community. The monks of Christ the King Priory regularly provide spiritual direction to retreatants, pastoral ministry to groups at St. Benedict Center, the local hospital, nursing home, and occasionally at Divine Mercy Parish in Schuyler or parishes in the surrounding area.

The monks of Christ the King Priory are resolved to be an integral part of the Missionary Benedictine Congregation of St. Ottilien and its worldwide ministries and to the local church in Nebraska. We envision that vocations from the United States will strengthen our ranks so that we can continue our service to the people of God locally, in the United States, and countries wherever the Congregation is represented.